jannipastelli, 9.7.2015



Captured in the discrepance of happiness and sadness
I am staggering through faith and desperation
believing in the love, that I feel for you;
which is growing each second since I first met you;
engaging myself completely with a feaver-like heat
and taking any possibility of thinking.
My mind is fullfilled by you;
thoughts of times we shared;
remembering how close we have been;
the warm and merciful look
out of your deep and seductive eyes;
the bright endearing smile
of your sweet and mellow lips
forming those little cute dimples on your cheeks;
getting close, holding you tight
just lighted by a thousand candles;
playing with their flickering flames
and feeling the softness of your skin
while peting each part of your body;
standing close to you
surrounded only by birches and pines
enjoying the silence of nature,
just listening to the sound
of amorous tweeting birds.
I am crying waterfalls
realizing that I cannot forget you,
you and the times we shared,
and would not loose these deep emotions,
this everlasting love for you.

Berlin, 30.03.2007

A few days ago

My first english poem, if it is one…; ) The time I wrote it I was 12 years out of school and hardly ever used the English Language. Therefore I think I did not so bad…; )
A few days ago I lost my intention
of trying to find something
or someone special.
Totally concentrated
and almost busy,
too blind recognizing
anything going on.
Just sometimes breathing easily
while meeting the people
I enclosed into my heart.
And I enjoyed it very
not much but less
in any strange way.

This evening was similar
to the last ones I enjoyed
together with my best friends.
Beside I was much more late
than times before;
fortunatly they know me.

After a while
of sipping and talking
I haply looked around
and lost fulgurous
the control over my mind completely.
You glanced at me
for a second or two,
caught me with the look
of your beautifully deep eyes
and my heart was enflamed
by the warmth and goodness
shining out of them.
Then you smiled at me and,
although white flakes
were falling silently
out of the black cloudy sky,
the night seemed to turn into day
by just you shining.
And at least everyones mood
turned into totally engaging happiness
just because of a little short moment
you shared your soul.

Berlin, 23.03.2007